'Tis the season --What, if any, possibilities are out there for doing online test-taking in ways that respect general user freedom but also address concerns about cheating?

@johns no one who takes a test that legitimately respects their freedom would want to cheat in the first place; cheating only happens in response to coerced learning situations
@johns of course the ppl on librem have a problematized view of pedagogy

@johns I had a professor that designed tests that required analysis and synthesis of course material, so if you copied off someone it became obvious.

Also, we were only required to know the content in the textbook, which was a selected summary. So if you started looking up stuff online, he'd know because it wasn't in the book.

It was a conlaw class that was all about writing. In my journalism classes everything is project based.

Not sure how applicable this is in STEM classes.

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