@kop316 looks like your #postmarketOS sticker got ruined and turned red for some reason, shall I send you a new one?


It looks right to me! Though if there are places to get #postmarketOS stickers, I would be interested to know where.


@kop316 @craftyguy A valid point was raised here:
Where can one get stickers for pmos and mobian.

@joao @kop316 well, this is embarrassing... we don't have any "official" merch that folks can buy...

I've briefly considered ordering some so folks can buy it @ cost + shipping (US only, because intl shipping sucks), but I'm not sure there's enough demand for that.

Organizing some official shop thing so folks can order stuff seems like a lot of work.

@craftyguy @joao

I've seen it sometimes where folks can do a "Group Buy", like ask if folks want to pre-order some stuff and then you do a group buy for it....

But you are right, that is a fair bit of work.

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