Was also able to use the GPS to record the ride back home and convert the data to a *.gpx file to open in GNOME maps.


A very crude method : )

sudo cat /dev/gnss0 | tee file.txt

And then, got a tip from @eliasr about using:

sudo gpsbabel -i nmea -f file.txt -o gpx -F file.gpx

To convert to a *.gpx file

@joao @eliasr lol, while in one sense it’s crude, it’s also kind of beautiful.

@staticvoidmaine @eliasr I am sure that with time someone will make a better method/appication

@eliasr @joao yeah I’d love to see it. I work in geospatial tech and would love to build something, but I would need the time. Hoping someone else gets to it first 🤣

@staticvoidmaine @eliasr @joao I started working on something like that for the Pinephone a while ago, in the end I found that the difficulty of getting AGPS working meant it wasn't very usable. Maybe the situation is better now/on the Librem 🙂

@eliasr @someunexpectedsparks @staticvoidmaine

And the blue dot moves!!! :D

on a showing my location in in real time as I walk home.

And yes... I walked **slowly**, an did not walked straight, and the video quality is not the best. But hey it is a lot of progress :D

The space is a parking space close to home.

Credits go out to the several developers that worked on the different parts of the stack necessary for this to work.

@joao @eliasr @someunexpectedsparks ah, I wish I could see it! The media won’t load for me unfortunately. That’s very exciting though 😎


This is great!

Next thing I'm wondering then is: can we get this to work without an Internet connection, for privacy? I mean, I would like to have the wifi and modem killswitches off, but still use GPS and plot my path on a map. I guess this is a question about if GNOME Maps can work in offline mode.


> media won’t load

It's a .mp4 file, should work to download the file and then view it using a separate video player.


@eliasr @staticvoidmaine @someunexpectedsparks GNOME maps at the moment requrires an Internet connection to work but I can try with puremaps next

@eliasr @joao
I would be curious to see how Pure Maps works on the Librem 5, since it was in the top 5 apps from the Fund Your App campaign. Pure Maps offline works mostly on the Pinephone, GPS is still spotty but it's found my location before. Offline routing worked when I tested it, but not public transport yet.

@twrightsman @eliasr I can also test Puremaps. Gonna take like a day or two to show something.

@joao @eliasr really no rush! Just curious, my L5 still likely a ways out

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