On the topic: things that make me smile about the phone

Running the command: `vrms` from a terminal and getting the following output:

@João Azevedo How is the experience. I'm about to hit order on pinephone (postmarketos edition).

@muppeth /me likes it!

I have a dogwood batch model which is not yet the final model, but pretty close.

Have better network with it in some rural areas around my town than with my old phone.

Been using, shortwave, gnome podcasts, terminal, fractal.

Tried to use Dino on it but needs some love to make it adaptive

@muppeth also battery life is improving with updates pretty rapidly

@João Azevedo Nice. Do you use it as daily driver? How is geary (is there any other email out there that does gpg or need to have mutt installed there too)

@muppeth Yeah I have been using it as a daily driver.

As for gpg mail I may be wrong but I believe the only one at the moment for any phone is mutt.
(someone correct me if I am wrong).

But I do not use mail on the phone :)

It is unhealty, sometimes you need to be able to log out.

@João Azevedo I need basically two things as a must:
- email
- xmpp

I know both things arent there yet unfortunatelly.
Have you try something for navigation? I saw puremaps building for gnome and of course there are gnome maps but i wonder how does navigation work and if there are any works or semi ready solutions (like navit + puremaps etc)

@muppeth Puremaps is quite nice, of course there is the issue of it being able to work with GPS to get a fix and plot routes.

Send me the link to the hubzilla forum, i'll dig up my hubzilla account and pass by.

@João Azevedo pity you arent on hubzilla side. there is a nice growing forum which started of a librem5 but now also covers pinephone and all sort of boards. your input would be very much apreciated there.

@muppeth also happy to see that threads bettween mastodon and hubzilla users are much more smoother :D

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