@gamingonlinux 😱 the possibilities are endless 🤯 I guess you could even use it as a calculator

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Anyone know how to mount the root partition from U-Boot on a MacBook Air running Asahi Linux? Asking for a friend who needs to fix something that broke.

@popey I have 83% on an iPhone 12 mini right now, after 2.5 years. Mostly charging it once a day (over night).

@popey 🤔 selection of different USB cables and power supply, a few Lego creations, glass marble, unused Echo Dot, Fever/Pain treatment for the Kids, an old Linux magazine…

@degville maybe some time in the future you can take a small step an use ly. If the thought of directly logging into a graphical desktop is too much you can still switch to a shell session there 🤣

@unjello @grumpygamer I don‘t think a developer needs an excuse to not support a platform. It is completely their decision even if it is as easy as running cargo build on a Mac they bought second hand. If they don‘t (want to) put in the effort for test and support after they built it for your platform… it would be even more disappointing if you bought the game and have a bad time with it.

@popey I really like this game, unfortunately the rest of the family doesn’t and therefore it is sitting on a shelf in the cellar for the last couple of years 😏

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Introductions! Hello. 

@gamingonlinux Congratiulations and thanks for delivering us the latest infos. Keep up the good work. 🎉

@lunduke Nice one!
I would love to have one of these beauties. Have to live with my taiwanese "Spybook" for the moment. (◠‿◕)

...running Arch btw ;-p

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