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Are you experienced with GTK and Rust ? :gnome: ❤️ :rust:

We are looking to contract someone to work on the new GNOME Password Manager 🔑

We want it to become a core/default app and help secure millions of users.

You'll be working with the GNOME Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to building emancipatory technologies for everyone.

Please send resume / portfolio to stf@gnome.org

Boosts welcome :boost_love:

#GTK #Rust #rustlang #GNOME #Linux #Ubuntu #Linux #Fedora #OpenSUSE #Debian

Time for a „minor“ upgrade!
I was thinking about buying one of these for two years. Now I hope it is as good as I imagined it to be for all the time. 🙂

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Do you have a pet? #poll

Please boost for a wider demographic.
If you have a pet, please reply with a picture or description of your pet(s).

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Anyone know how to mount the root partition from U-Boot on a MacBook Air running Asahi Linux? Asking for a friend who needs to fix something that broke.

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