When somebody says "hi guys", It's usually a synecdoche for "hi everyone".
A synecdoche is a literary element which refers to a larger (or sometimes smaller) part of a group then what is explicitly said. 🤔
Another example of people commonly missing the entire point of a synecdoche is in the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal..." This does not only refer to men specifically, but the larger group of human kind. It is a synecdoche.


In the past, (anything prior to about ten years ago) it was considered grammatically correct to use the male gender when speaking generically. Political correctness has since trumped grammatical correctness.

@jlcrawf @Linux_in_a_Bit in this case though, it was a grammar "rule" that was derived out of the cultural sexism of the men making those decisions. It was a men's world, so everything was inherently masculine unless explicitly designated as feminine, such as ships.

We've gotten weird with all his regenderizing shit, but im of the opinion we either shouldnt care if a rock is masculine or feminine.

But that sexism is baked into our languages now, so you either accept it and stop bitching about it, or come up with a viable alternative, which means erasing those pronouns and rewriting the entire dictionary. Or cheesing your way through by using "they" and "it" for everything and everyone and pretending like sexed terms dont exist at all (imagine a brit being forbidden from using "queen" bc the old bag might suddenly say she identifies as a "king").

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