Indic Keyboard v3 released.🎉
In this major release, we added support for more indic language dictionaries, updated emoji set and we fixed lot of bugs. We thank our community for the engagements and contributions, @jishnu for leading the project and Hiran Venugopalan for our brand new logo.
Indic Keyboard is available to download from both F-Droid and Google play store.
Watch Indic Keyboard in action:

@smc @jishnu

Does the f-droid release take a lot of time to get approved? Would you have a direct apk download to test out?

Thanks a lot for this project. The Indic Keyboard has been my default keyboard for a long time now. Thoroughly enjoy using it.


@abhas Yes. It will take some time. Our merge request to F-Droid is pending.

You can download the release builds from here -


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