@praveen does India's contact tracing Aarogya Setu mobile app use the Apple and Google Exposure Notification framework ?

Do you know if anyone verified when is location data shared with government? Some one mentioned in the call (probably you) that they claim it is shared only when someone is confirmed positive and it was found to be false claim when people reverse engineered/decompiled the app. Now that source code is available, can we confirm this?
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Rahul Matthan who worked on the project claimed that.

"It is only if you are unwell with the virus and at risk of infecting others that your GPS location history as well as the details of everyone you came in contact with are sent to the cloud."


Later people found that location data is being shared on registration as well.

This code you can find - github.com/nic-delhi/AarogyaSe

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Or if you can write about it, we can link to it, as directly linking to the source java file is not much useful in a statement.

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