“APIs are as much about hiding complexity as they are about exposing capability.” —Mehdi Medjaoui

“The public doesn’t understand their city’s complexity and they don’t care about it. Similarly, users don’t care about your system’s complexity. They’re not internal to your organization. It’s not their job.” —@civicunrest

@jeremiahlee @civicunrest This is very true! And often the more capability you expose the less complexity you can hide.
We actually had a similar discussion about something like this recently at my company - about flags specifically.

@geewee @civicunrest Adding a boolean flag to an API design is just taunting fate to make you regret it in the near future.

@jeremiahlee @civicunrest Oh absolutely. It's tech debt that's going to incur a real high interest rate. Did I lose the discussion last time and does our API now have a boolean flag? Absolutely.

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