A well designed product must not only give the user a super power, it must also not make the person using it more vulnerable while using it.

I am still impressed by Apple’s engineering privacy into the foundation of so many of its announcements yesterday.

@jeremiahlee and then they cave to China, remove Taiwanese flag from iOS in China, and in the process make everyone vulnerable:

How's that for not making users more vulnerable.

@rysiek Apple is far from perfect. I criticize it more than I praise, but it is worthy of praise regarding prioritizing privacy into the technical foundation of its product.

No other company is doing better engineering of this kind at Apple's level of reach. Not Google. Not Samsung. Not Microsoft. Not Amazon.

@jeremiahlee ok, that's fair.

I do think, though, that such (deserved) praise needs at least a footnote about the really problematic stuff Apple does.

@jeremiahlee @rysiek

prioritizing the sales of the image of privacy. It still remains to be seen if the claims are real. We're talking about a very opaque environment.

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