#lazyweb I want a tool where I can add like 3 or 4 possible times and send someone a link, and they can view the times in their own timezone and then select one of them from the list. Bonus if that results in a calendar invite being sent to both of us. Does this exist?
UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that I have been using Fantastical by @flexibits and it in fact has this feature built in! Amazing!
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@aaronpk Whoa, how did you link a Twitter username from Mastodon?

@aaronpk Ok, this is magic that I need to learn more about. Also, it's pretty clear that Mastodon is not going to be the killer app to supplant the dominant social media players for most people.

@jeremiahlee I don't necessarily recommend this path for everyone, but I implemented ActivityPub (the spec Mastodon uses) into my own website, which was definitely a lot of work, but does mean I can reply to Mastodon users without using Mastodon itself.
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