Any recommendations for sit stand desks 40–50 cm deep?

Seems like everything is 60–80+ cm deep and I don’t need a deep desk when using a monitor arm.

@jeremiahlee You can probably thank the ISO/TC 136 committee for this. Lift desks are office desks so manufacturers want to met [whatever] ISO requirements exist for minimum sizes. Seems the standard calls for a minimum size of 100x60cm since every desk I can find is this size or larger. Have you looked into using one of the manually operated IKEA models (bonus exercise!) [e.g. IKEA:004.585.55] and either getting a desk top in the depth you want? or cutting one to size?

@da That is *fascinating* and by far the most insightful response I've gotten.

I could get a smaller table top, but most have 60 cm legs.

@jeremiahlee Every product category is standardized. Industry and government won’t buy your products if you don’t met the standards. Shipping standards evolved around the standard packaging sizes, etc. I read up this when I failed to locate a computer keyboard with reduced key-pitch (the distance from the middle of one key cap to its neighbours). I’ve got short fingers and my hands hurt because I strain them using standard size keyboards. Because of standards, I just have to live with the discomfort.

@jeremiahlee Most women should use a tenkey-less [TKL] (the numpad section) keyboard because of their reduced shoulder width/arm-span. Which is probably one of [many] reasons laptops are outselling tower PCs. I’m a small guy and I only recently learned about this. It’s not mentioned in ergonomics guides that only target Standard Man (the literal reference guy). I switched to a TKL and now is the first time in forever my shoulders don’t hurt. I wrote a thing about it:

@jeremiahlee Sturdy ceiling? Pulley hanging tables seems to be a thing in the DIY space. Then you can customize the table top and make it adjustable, but you’ll be sacrificing portability.

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