The WCAG guidelines for contrast ratio feel impossible to meet, even for just AA rating, unless every use of color might as well just be black.

TIL: Spotify’s official brand green is never considered “accessible” by WCAG guidelines for contrast ratio when used on text at any size on a white or black background.

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@jeremiahlee Focus on making the primary content and functionality accessible. Ornamentation is just a distraction anyway for the vision impaired.

@da I want a beautiful Web, where content is as rich an experience as magazines (at least Apple News+ articles). I also want the content to be accessible. I just wish I had a way to detect the need for increased contrast to provide a modified experience when needed.

@jeremiahlee Higher contrast helps everyone, though. E.g. some folks won’t need to fuss about to find their glasses to read an article or use an app with high enough contrast. It also helps people who’re using budget devices with crappy screens.

@da I get it. My point is that the WCAG contrast ratios are too high. macOS and Windows default UIs do not even meet the WCAG AA or AAA contrast ratios.

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