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For everyone not happy with news relating to Google, Android, and Huawei...

I'm just going to leave this right here...


Anybody having problems with ? @purism is it working fine, i'm unable to connect.

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Private secure messaging, end-to-end encrypted communications, and public social; as it should be.

- No Ads
- No Tracking
- We respect you

Sign up for as little as... free.


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"Librem One makes a compelling all-in-one pitch to the privacy minded by offering privacy alternatives to WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail and other services

Anyone looking to wrest back control of their data from big tech like Facebook, Microsoft and Google now has a clear, convenient and cost-effective choice."

- @omgubuntu


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One price. One account.

- Encrypted email
- Encrypted chat (+voice & video)
- Social Network

No ads. No tracking. The way it should be.


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