Show more check out the latest episode with everyones favorite community manager @cybette congrats was such a great episode great listen

For info about that impact on Jupiter that happened just a few days ago (9/13/2021), here's a great summary page by Marc Delcroix:… As of today there are 5 independent discoveries of it, and 4 subsequent detections in reanalyses after the fact.

Had first #Jitsi meeting experience today. Met and even exceeded expectations. Video, audio, screensharing - all worked out without glitches. And it seemed so much more responsive than MS Teams (running in latest Safari Technology Preview browser window).

Will definitely have my next meeting again on #Jitsi.

“Reports say from the 1990s, the US Air Force had a project codenamed ‘Hello’ to see if microwaves could create disturbing sounds in people's heads, one called ‘Goodbye’ to test their use for crowd control, and one codenamed ‘Goodnight’ to see if they could be used to kill people.”

And then you wonder why people come up with conspiracy theories.

First rehearsal in forever... Hope we can perform this season, but for now I'm just happy to be playing again ❤️🎶🎵🎶

#TASO #orchestra

I'm probably too much excited for the #PineNote, but I feel like is going to be a "take my money" product.

@cybette @vattuvarg luckily my state Rhode Island has hundreds of miles of bike paths i ride year round too never had a drivers license i bike every where i go and ride the bus on extremely bad days but ride everywhere even the market to buy food etc etc i imported a bike from the netherlands and i love it.

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