All these people bitching about WhatsApp not being private...
Then start recommending Telegram...
Also, lots of Signal shills...

Just start using Matrix, all the benefits of Signal, with less downsides ;)


Not wanting to start a long discussion, I prefer matrix as well, however it lacks a real good desktop client compared to telegram.

I have a linux machine, but #matrix stays locked on the phone.

The web client is too heavy and the login every time is too annoying.

Telegram has by far one of the best desktop clients for a messanger that I have ever seen!

I would be happy if somebody would code a similiar client for #matrix.

@Billie @finlaydag33k There is no "the" Matrix client, Element is just one of them. Have you tried other ones?

@Billie On phone, I use Element.
On desktop, I use element in Ferdi (basically the web version) but I have heard some good things about Nheko Reborn and Fluffy.
My dad (a non-techie) uses Syphon on his phone.
A friend of mine uses Gomuks (a terminal client)

That's the magic of the Matrix protocol.
There are plenty of options around.


@finlaydag33k @Billie im a gomuks user on linux laptop and have a dumbphone so no matrix on my phone

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