Purism has posted a rationale behind their disabling of the local and federated timelines: puri.sm/posts/opt-in-no-ads-an

They have also decided to reinstate the ability to submit reports as indicated by Kyle Rankin, their CSO: source.puri.sm/liberty/smilodo

I have also updated my blog post towards the bottom with this information.

@brandon I don't see a problem with them not showing local/fed timelines, other than you are removing features some people might want. That's just a client-level thing, not an instance thing like removing reporting ability.

Caveat: *As long as* users aren't prevented from installing/using Tusky or some other client with their purism instance account, if they wish.

@leadore @brandon in on librem one it's at the server level using husky just shows a blank screen when clicking on the global fediverse

@jameshjacksonjr Oh, server-level removal of timelines too, I didn't know that! Well, I guess it's still a relatively harmless modification compared to removing the ability to report abuse (which is apparently going to be reversed).

Welcome to the Fediverse BTW. :) If you ever want to try out the full Mastodon "experience", you can always join another instance while still keeping your librem account. Lots of people belong to more than one based on their interests.


@leadore @brandon and I've been on mastodon since day 1 on another instance/server I willingly switched to librem one so I'm a mastodon vet who willingly wanted this simplified no timelines experience

@jameshjacksonjr Oh you have, that's great. I've been here less than a year.



@leadore @brandon welcome aboard how do you like it? what social services did you come here from? And what made you want to come here?

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