Purism has posted a rationale behind their disabling of the local and federated timelines: puri.sm/posts/opt-in-no-ads-an

They have also decided to reinstate the ability to submit reports as indicated by Kyle Rankin, their CSO: source.puri.sm/liberty/smilodo

I have also updated my blog post towards the bottom with this information.

@brandon I don't see a problem with them not showing local/fed timelines, other than you are removing features some people might want. That's just a client-level thing, not an instance thing like removing reporting ability.

Caveat: *As long as* users aren't prevented from installing/using Tusky or some other client with their purism instance account, if they wish.

@leadore @brandon in on librem one it's at the server level using husky just shows a blank screen when clicking on the global fediverse

@jameshjacksonjr @leadore I believe the API endpoints for the federated and local feeds were completely removed on their instance


@brandon @leadore yes that is correct they were removed I like it as I only see stuff from people I follow and not a huge feed of stuff I may not want to see

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