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for those on Elementary OS that miss being able to use tootle to use mastodon, here is a git repo of a tootle fork that fixes it:

bleakgrey (the developer of tootle) appears to be working on a refactor of their version. I hope that it goes well for them.

I am really getting to like Elementary OS so far. I do wish that some software that I use was natively available as GTK-based software, however, with some tweaks to Elementary OS things are working just fine.

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We've received our internal Dogwood batch ๐ŸŽ‰ and will be sharing news of the hardware changes and improvements to performance, battery life and thermals soon!

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It was Interesting to see lots of high-spec configs with a Pureboot bundle (paired Librem Key) and our anti-interdiction services. People are choosing more secure options when they are available!

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I usually don't support social causes, however, I like the sound of this one:

The Free Software Foundation is petitioning Microsoft to release Windows 7 as free software ( for those who don't know what I mean by free software)

What are the best open source and free sofware oriented news websites to write for?

I am specifically looking for one that will accept researched logical analyses and argumentative philosophical articles that relate to open source and free software

Does anyone know of any examples of success stories where companies sold software licensed under the GPLv3?

I want to write an article about the potential practicality of selling GPL'd software.

I would like to reach out to companies regarding the success thaty have had with selling GPL'd software and incorporate those examples into the article I want to write.

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