I've been following the Kanye West story for a while now. I've been really optimistic about what is doing in his life.

If you have any abiding doubts, please, watch this appearance with Jimmy Kimmel:


Jimmy: "Are you a Christian artist now?"

Kanye: "I'm just a Christian everything."

His new album, "Jesus is King," is out now. Give it a listen. Taste and see.

I know much remains to be seen to test the genuineness of his profession, but I was really encouraged by watching this:


The Dallas cop who entered her neighbor's apartment and shot him has been charged with murder and sentenced. No one--including cops--should be able to shoot a person and walk away scot-free. I am thankful.

But I'm even more thankful for this: that in the courtroom, the brother of the man she killed forgave her, and implored her to give her life to

There is a greater Judge than the one in that room. I pray this woman--and you--would seek His favorable verdict.


It's almost embarrassing how little attention is paid to Tolkien's faith and how it shaped his fiction. The only ones who seem to pay more than a passing nod to it are Christian readers of Tolkien.

And as far as I know (haven't seen it), the recent biopic didn't help matters much.

Reading Tolkien/LOTR without a conscious awareness of how permeates every page is like kissing the bride with the veil still on.

Got my my second copy of the Hymns of Grace hymnal from the Master's Press this week. I already own a leather copy, which is nice and durable to carry, but this cloth bound edition is more beautiful. Unlike other hymnals that are crowded with cruft, Hymns of Grace clocks in at a mere ~350 hymns (with another hundred or so responsive scripture readings), carefully curated to be theologically and doxologically rich. I'm thankful for this collection of exalting songs!

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