Who has moved to Librem One?
What services did you ditch?
Did you bring friends or family? 😀


@purism I did! I had already ditched Facebook, so this is a new social network for me. I brought my wife with me, and we don't SMS anymore, encrypted Matrix over Librem Chat!

@iamjameswalters @purism What parts of Facebook did you use? I don't see Librem One as a full replacement of the Farcebook, but I do think any Friendica server is a full replacement for that particular social networking. Librem Social is a good Twitter replacement.

@wnymathguy Great question. I haven't used Facebook in several years, to tell the truth, and even when I was, I was mostly using it for news (which I curate myself, these days) and just keeping up with friends and family. I certainly agree that Mastodon is really more of a straightforward Twitter replacement. Never used Friendica, how is it? It is an ActivityPub system?

@iamjameswalters It is a Federated ActivityPub type system. I'm using it now to interact with the Purism post. Mastodon has a minimalism type way about communications, Friendica has an enriched approach to content and its management.

A post can be a mini webpage because of the BBCode interpretation. Their's so many ways to set-up a server and features that can be on or off that it's hard to explain. I couldn't find a good demo of Friendica on YouTUBE so I made my own lame one hoping it would prompt other people to make better ones. So far the only other ones are install videos or lame descriptions of it on commercialized tech review vlogs.
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