I can think and write myself. Without AI.

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AI has evolved a lot and most is likely to come. I'm sure we as individuals and society can have a lot use of it. And like all knowledge, technology, it can surely be misused or used in bad ways. I hope we don't end up with that becuase AI states something, it must be true. That AI is a resource. And we must not forget to think ourselves. Much more to say!
PS. I have now read your "Should We Have Guardrails on ChatGPT,, Bing, and Others?"

@hehemrin I concur, but we already live in a world where people say that because (insert your favourite vacuous celebrity here) said something, then that must be true. There has to be a way to provide safe and accurate content while respecting the possibility that some of your audience may be composed of adults.

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