Very often when I write a message in LinkedIn in the Firefox browser, I soon get an e-mail from LIn telling me "Linked in is better in the app". I wonder - for them or for me? Tracking easier in the app? I do not know, but I am suspicious re , .


apps have all these trackers you can't stop/block. If you're on browser, you have control to block the very same trackers the apps have.

If you have the 'tracker control' app from then you have control to block those pesky app trackers.

@NatCor Thanks. Well, I have iOS, so it won't work for me, but thanks for knowledge. What I have noticed though, is that several apps like from newspapers for mobile/tablet, nowadays asks the same kind of privacy questions as asked in the webbrowser. In addition to what you suggest, the VPN provider also block some traffic, if those blocks are turned on. But it feels as you also say, in browser I have it easier to control.

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