Strawberry is a nice music player and collection organizer I have started to use. It is a free open source software. Available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

@hehemrin I have tried strawberry on a number of different systems. It doesn't work on very many of them, I have not been able to determine what dependencies are missing. Ditto for Clementine.

@zaivala Hmmm. Maybe I've been lucky. As I recall, I first installed Clementine on Mint via repository. Then on macOS. I think it worked on Mint but not on macOS. Therefore I installed Strawberry on macOS (where main music still is), and it works. After latest macOS update a week ago, I had some trouble, but after reinstall (and upgrade, I believe). It works again. I tested today to install Strawberry on Mint, as deb via website (Flatpak exist in repository), and it works. But I a new user of S!

@zaivala For any reason, on Strawberry site, they have multiple of download packages, ex three generations of Ubuntu.

@zaivala I've been conservative to Flat and Snap. Esp as they often are handled by someone else than developer. On the other hand, I have used more of AppImage (esp when coming from developer, which is common). But maybe I should change my mind!

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