"'s newest proposed web standard is... ?" -- Google is proposing yet another user-hostile feature and aims to make it an web standard called "Web Environment Integrity API". This lets websites confirm the browser has limitations on what it can do, going against . The internet standard RFC 8890 declares "The Internet Is For End Users". Google's API circumvents that.

Thanks to Ron Amadeo for his a concise, cutting analysis:

@guardianproject @paul_ipv6 The intro to the Web Integrity API starts out: "Users often depend on websites trusting the client environment they run in. This trust may assume that the client environment is honest about certain aspects of itself, keeps user data and intellectual property secure, and is transparent about whether or not a human is using it."

Nothing in these sentences are true.

@adamshostack @guardianproject

over the years, the google motto has evolved:

"don't be evil."
"don't get caught being evil.'
"fuck it. evil it is."

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