Its great to see the current explosion of public Meet. To help choose which one works for you, we set up a test project "jitsi-monitor" to gather data on public instances daily:

* config including STUN, analytics, etc.
* TLS setup
* TCP traceroute
* what else?

This should run locally for choosing the closest instance. Our results are in basic HTML format. This can be used to make Javascript UIs. The full JSON, source, etc. are available at

@guardianproject Can't wait to see a traffic light UI for this which makes it easy to choose an appropriate instance! :)

@guardianproject Well, one interesting aspect might be: How can I consider an instance trustworthy...? Who's taking care of its administration? How are connection data, log data, screen recordings (if applicable), ... handled? ...? That seems much more pressing these days, given people give up on "proprietary" serviecs to go for "some service hosted by someone" (no offense, just stating what seems obvious) for privacy and safety reasons... 😉

@guardianproject you may like to cooperate with @favstarmafia, who maintains such a list for quite some time.

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