1) Windows Surface & Dell XPS
2) iPhone & Macbook
3) Fancy System76 Laptop, Librem 5, Raspberry Pie

@dasgeek Hey Ryan,
Just curious, why do you use PeerTube versus something like Lbry? Either way, keep up the great content! I love the podcast and your degooglification video was great!

@gbryant I think I thought this was about your "What's Holding Linux back. Oops.

@JoshStrobl So is the new GNOME available on the stable version of Solus?

@killyourfm Did you talk about the Huawai? Also, why did you leave Choose Linux? I think I missed that news. Thanks for your great work.

I really like your podcast and Forbes stuff. I think that it is great that you write about Linux on (relatively) mainstream media. Keep up the good work!

@killyourfm So if that's the case, will flashing LineageOS without GApps or something similar make it a secure device or is their still other loopholes/backdoors that can make the device bad for the privacy conscious?

Do we think it will require some sort of unlock code? Based on Huawai's history, is it common for them to try to take this away after they release the phone?

@gbryant I actually agreed with a lot of what you said. While I don't Linux being kind of fractured is a big problem, it can make it harder for newbies to understand because it is kind of a Linux only thing.

I really think that all the Linux influences on YouTube and the like (like you๐Ÿ˜€) are helping the cause A BUNCH!

And I do think that you are my friend. Keep reminding us at the beginning of the videos instead of all the hot noodle and cauliflower stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‚.

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