There is an ongoing spam attack on the fediverse for the last couple of days. It's more widespread than before, as attackers are targeting smaller servers to create accounts. Before, usually only was targeted and our team could take care of it. For server administrators out there: If you don't need open registrations, switch over to approval mode. If you do, blocking disposable e-mail providers is a massive stopgap to the problem. Mastodon also supports hCaptcha.


@Gargron targeted email blocking can be just as bad as targeted IP blocking it should not be assumed that every disposable email = spam, or every user connecting from an IP that spams also uses the connection to spam. I think having the ability to create fake accounts should be part of fediverse freedom. Performing some content checking to determine if it is a bot and limiting rate of spam postings on the content side might be an alternative.

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