Check out how we made that "See Your Junk" video with free software only :

@francois this is very impressive! Thank you for sharing the details on the software you used and how you put everything together.

@francois In fact, I’ve been following @purism ever since the crowdfunding campaign and this video has inspired me to go “all-in”! You “practice what you preach”, and I really respect that. I just subscribed to and my next laptop and smartphone purchases will be Librem products! Time to take back my and support free software.

@dallin @purism Thank you so much for that Dallin! Purism has been funded by the people with a goal of existing for the people, and so, we only exist thank to people like you who support what we do. Thank you so much!

I too subscribed to Librem One about a month ago and have made Librem Mail my primary email service!! I am TOTALLY pumped for the Librem 5 as well and can not wait to ditch my spy brick!!!
@francois @purism

That’s great, @micahbp! My biggest challenge will be convincing my family and friends to do the same. But I know I must first lead by example like @francois & @purism.

I believe I may have already gotten my dad on board for the Librem 5!! I got him using DuckDuckGo but he uses an iPad and iPhone. 😔 Lol
@francois @purism

@francois Cool article! The Python script to convert audio cut from #Kdenlive to #Ardour is a brilliant idea! 👍

@davidrevoy Thanks David! :) That is what free software is all about : Contributing our own requirements to the enjoyment of everyone.

@francois Also thanks. I’d been looking for a good OSS video editor. Kdenlive hit the spot.

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