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@bmdv KI kann aber auch selbst zum Sicherheitsrisiko werden wenn sie eine Schwachstelle identifiziert die keine ist und so das Netz mit den Patientendaten für alle öffnet.

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#MentalHealth is important for a person’s wellbeing. As one who suffers from a mental illness, having resources that keep track of those ups and downs, things that trigger good and bad feelings, and ways to calm down when things are bad, really make it all better.

I’ve been using an app called #Finch. I absolutely recommend it.

Use my invite code PXKA78DH2K once you get the app.

BOOSTS are appreciated for maximizing #Fediverse reach 🙏🏼

#Depression #Help #WellBeing

Any for out there?
I am currently seeking an partner for my on the differences of Anglo-American copyright law and European copyright law with respect to .

Anybody interested?

Thank you, ...
... for letting me the internet navigate in a privacy and freedom.
... @thunderbird for managing my mail-accounts, calendar and everything. Without you, I might forget much more than I do now.
... for making working together on LaTex-files a lot easier. My studies got a lot simpler during the pandemic thanks to you.
, for packing everything. You make testing a lot easier.
, my black-and-green command-and-control-unit

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Der Mobilitätsmonitor von 1823 zeigt: Das Pferd ist unverändert das Verkehrsmittel Nummer Eins. Damit bleibt auch der Reitweg weiterhin ein zentraler Verkehrsträger. Eine Politik gegen das Pferd kann ganz offensichtlich nicht im Interesse der Menschen sein. #Lindner

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Ok, my first poll for #FediPoll - what kind of mobile phone do you use?

(boosts appreciated to get as much engagement as possible, thanks!)

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@captainfutura der Chem Özdemir radelte auch geschwind nach seiner Vereidigung warum ist der nicht VERKEHRSMINISTER? #fdpmachtkrankundarm

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and the brain-genius typed "no one would do anything without a profit motive!" and hit send on a button rendered by an open source front end framework firing off an event handled by an open source programming language that sends a packet in a format conforming to an open specification over a protocol developed at universities with public funding until it reaches a web server running an open source operating system that files the hot take away into an open source database for safe keeping

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U.S. border officials copy the contents of up to 10,000 phones and computers every year and save them to a big database for 15 years, as we first reported in September:

Following pressure from Sen. Wyden, the agency, CBP, now says it's considering shrinking that 15-year save time and plans to give people more details about what they're doing:

I had my seminar paper presentation about -X! The professor was very happy with it! I want to thank @kaimeinke from @deltadao for giving me valuable insights in GAIA-X!

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Sorry to get political but schools should probably have books

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Die #Petition für ein #49EuroTicket dass
a) auch als Papierausdruck,
b) als Monatsabo und
c) mit einem Ermäßigungstarif
angeboten werden soll
braucht noch Untererstützende.

Besonders der geplante #DigitalZwang, für das Ticket ein Smartphone zu benutzen ist unzumutbar — gerade angesichts der Tracker in den Apps der DB.
@digitalcourage @kuketzblog

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I just nominated @libreleah for the @fsf Board, as they are one of the fiercest Free Software activists I know.
@libreleah I hope you want the job.

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✔️ I want boring things like public transit that comes so regularly I don't need to check a schedule.

✔️ I want fast passenger rail so accessible and easy it's preferable to suffering airports.

✔️ I want cities that aren't built around cars-as-default

✔️ I want the country to own it.

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shes sending you mixed signals? just use fast fourier transform bro

@noybeu @bfdi I sent a DSGVO-Request to the DB AG. I wanted to have all the data they and their subsidiaries have stored about me. Got the following response: „Bei der Vielzahl der für die Datenverarbeitung verantwortlichen Stellen im Konzern Deutsche
Bahn ist es jedoch nicht ausgeschlossen, dass Sie mit weiteren Konzernunternehmen in
vertraglicher Beziehung stehen und ggf. aus diesen Vertragsverhältnissen oder aus der Ihnen
vorliegenden Auskunft gespeicherte Daten in der Anlage vermissen.“

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