I just nominated @libreleah for the @fsf Board, as they are one of the fiercest Free Software activists I know.
@libreleah I hope you want the job.

@elshid @fsf i'm grateful for your support, but i have no interest in working for fsf.

their heart is in the right place, but i think the way they do things is fundamentally flawed, in a way that cannot be fixed.

basically, i think the fsf is a hindrance to the further development of free software, in our times. for reasons explained here:

i'm more interested in actually writing code. the fsf is more political than technical - very little technical work is done there.

@elshid @fsf I also do not support copyleft (I used to, and some of my existing code is still copylefted). I'd write a blog article explaining why, but this person already wrote an excellent article that I agree with:

I'm more of a BSD person, philosophically, so I don't think I'd be a good fit on the FSF's board of directors.

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