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V2 a Pi based SCSI to microSD interface has breathed new life into my

I chained it into my Zip drive first to mirror the OS and apps and th en chose it as the start volume.

Then I unplugged the Zip drive that's been the system drive for the past 15 years and voilà! Now I can host as many OS versions and apps as I want! 😍

Great work putting this device together and creating this opportunity @BlueSCSI !

#1987 #2023

The first anniversary image from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope displays star birth like it’s never been seen before, full of detailed, impressionistic texture. The subject is the Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex, the closest star-forming region to Earth.


Run don't walk to this mod/MIDI/and more web based music player with existing catalogue of retro music!

I AM THE GREATEST BAPTISTE IN THE WORLD! NOTHING CAN…. *tap tap tap* Hmmm? What is it tree?

Tree: HUGS?

Tree noooooooo!

Narrator: And it was on this day that Baptiste backed up into bark, and was foiled by foliage, truncated by a trunk, locked into leaves, broken by branches.

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It's been interesting to watch, in my lifetime, companies change from responding to competition with, "We need to improve the product for our users." to "We need to trap the users in our burning building and squeeze them for every last dime."

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Diablo IV servers are being ddosed which means you cannot play a *single player* campaign because you need to log in to their server to do that

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Wait if all the trans girls are at pride who is operating the web servers?!

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Reagan’s position from day one was that corporate self-interest would ultimately produce the best solution for the US.

This was more or less the same time that Exxon was beginning their climate change coverup.

As it turns out, relying on "corporate self-interest" just gets you a climate crisis.

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New details and gameplay reveals expected in two hours and a bit after the showcase:

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