poster for Centerpartiet spotted in today:

"Håll gränsen mot massövervakning" - means approximately "stand firm against mass surveillance" - Svante Linusson and Muharrem Demirok

Glad to see them pushing this important issue in the election. I hope it gets them some votes.

Election day is in two weeks, on June 9. Don't forget to vote!

@eliasr Jag minns när det var två centerpartistiska ledamöter som var intstrumentella för att driva igenom just massövervakning, i form av FRA-lagen.

Trovärdighet? Nä. Ingen. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

@eliasr I can't tell who are those taking part in the Swedish EU election, I tend to mostly just see the party leaders.

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