Looking for free/libre (FLOSS) computer games that can be fun for kids around 10 years old. So far, tried which is great. What else can you recommend?

Also Armagetron, Sonic Robo Blast 2, Chromium BSU Xonotic; Chromium B.S.U; FreeCiv; OpenTTD; 0 A.D.

That's a few of the top of my head.

@eliasr OpenTTD, Glest, Tuxracer, Chromium B.S.U., Torcs

@eliasr that was going to be my recommendation, specifically Nodecore if they like to tinker. It's a whole different game.

Super Tux Kart perhaps?
I'd want to suggest #openTTD too, but that might be a bit too advanced? It has a playful toyland tileset as well, which might make it more relatable, even though it's a transport simulator.

@eliasr 1) frogatto is a fun 2D side scroller; 2) (extreme) tux racer is a fun downhill racing game; 3) neverputt is a challenging 3D putting game ; 4) Super Tux Cart is like Mario Kart; 5) Pioneers is computer version of the board Settlers of Catan.

@eliasr My kids love Klondike, Mahjong and Net Hack.

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