Did you know that Matrix is not just pushing for better tech, but also for a better society?

#thisWeekInMatrix we try to make a difference with better laws, a job to join the resistance, and many more updates!

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How about moving away from youtube for your videos?

When you write something about "Social Good" and at the same time lead people to youtube, that takes away some credibility.

Youtube is Google, pushing people there means giving even more power to Google. That is not "social good".



You can argue that you want to preach to people who are on youtube, that then becomes a reason to be present on youtube. But this is matrix.org -- their own site that they (matrix) control, and they choose to lead people to youtube (Google) from there.

To me it indicates either that they don't understand the problem, or that they don't care. Either way, it looks bad.

Be on youtube if you think you must, but keep your own site clean. Don't act like you are owned by Google.


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It's about reaching non-tech-savvy people who are not sensitive to decentralization, opensource and free software.
Advertising only in the bubble of people who know it anyway makes little sense. Except that these people can also spread the word.

I'm on Twitter just to educate about secure messengers and alternatives.


@rumo, I think the point of @eliasr is that @matrix needs not use YouTube at all for video hosting and from non-tech-savvy people’s point of view there’s virtually no difference. Tech-savvy people would use an alternative front-end like Invidous or youtube-dl anyway. The organization can mirror those videos on YouTube for better reach from YouTube users though.

I agree. The free service should be the first choice and Google & Co. the mirror to show others where the journey should go.

@matrix @eliasr

@rumo @eliasr @matrix Sorry to wade in late, but I Have Thoughts.ℒ️

The answer is easy: put the original on peertube or wherever, and put a shorter version or a teaser on youtube, with a link to the rest. Give people a path toward discovering the approach to video sharing that doesn't take advantage of them.

Don't be satisfied slouching to youtube if you are supposed to be an organization with a vision! Give people what they want, reach them, and push things in the right direction! #privacy

@spoon @rumo @eliasr @matrix

That's a really good idea for all creators.

I want to have a play with PeerTube. I've run a Jellyfin server from my PC before and it was remarkably good.

One question: Is PeerTube heaver on resources because of it's federated nature?


hear, hear
meet people where they are and show them how to escape, without becoming yourself another prisoner of another Matrix
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