Looks like the Free Software advocacy organization Digifri petered out some time around 2013, as that is when their domain was last pointing to their site, but had been stagnant for a long time.

The latest mail to their mailing list was in 2008 and the chairman and secretary in 2013 were two of the five people who recorded the Free Software Song Christmas greeting in 2004, so it seems there wasn't much fresh blood coming in,






Interesting! I did not know that ever existed.

Here are a few related Swedish organizations that are still active in 2021:

foss-sthlm: foss-sthlm.se/ Lista: lists.haxx.se/pipermail/foss-s

Uppsala Linux User Group: ulug.se/ Lista: lists.fripost.org/ulug.se/symp

Föreningen för Digitala Fri- och Rättigheter: dfri.se/ Lista: lists.dfri.se/listan/maillist.

@eliasr Hang on, dfri.se sounds like it's just digifri.org renamed. I'll have a look.
Digifri was "Studentföreningen för digitala fri- och rättigheter" and DFri is "Föreningen för digitala fri- och rättigheter" and DFri seems to have appeared around 2012 while Digifri petered out around 2013, so it would seem that one would be the continuation of the other. However:
- There is no mention of Digifri.
- There are no people in common.
- DFri is in Stockholm and Digifri was in Linköping.

If there is a connection it seems to have been nothing more than inspiration and general zeitgeist.

@eliasr @clacke @dsv Don't forget about SUGA and the Swedish Commodore Club. Regards, The Amiga mafia. :)

@joacim @dsv @eliasr The Amiga Computer Group Gävleborg is alive and kicking and physically meet for LAN twice a year.

Sometimes someone even brings their Amiga. 😁


@clacke @joacim @dsv A very nice event which I visit as much as possible. Lots of model trains, amiga, c64 (for my part), wireless joysticks, ABC 1600 68k unix computers, nerdy talks and more.

@jj @joacim @dsv Did we meet? Kid and I went there summer and winter 2015. We are trying to plan our return, he misses it!

@clacke @joacim @dsv
First I attended (winter) had a talk on asian characters/writing, so I think we may have met.

@jj The history of Chinese characters, Japanese encoding standards and Unicode? That was me! =)
So you came in as I was on the way out. =)

We were busy the year after, and the year after that we moved back to HK.
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