Microsoft blocks Bing from showing image results for Tiananmen ‘tank man’

For the software developers out there: let's remember that owns so if you rely on some code hosted on github then this is your problem as well. Don't think that you are not involved. We are all involved.

and other big tech companies have too much power in the world. Work towards reducing their power and empower individuals instead.

@eliasr I removed my GitHub account one or two months ago but I haven't used for long time because I migrated everything to codeberg.

My dilemma now is I got interested in "Opensearch" and I testing it, I found a lot of problems and the only way to report those problems are through GitHub, i reported in the forum but I don't think that would be enough.

I don't know if there is another way to help those projects without an account.


You might consider helping the #fedeproxy project that'll offer a federated solution using #ActivityPub


@eliasr i migrated my code to gitea. it also reduced all my bug reports to zero because nobody can find it. :blobcatgoogly:
I don't believe in guilt by association, but there are plenty of reasons not to use Github or any other service which don't allow people to help develop in an autonomous way using e-mail. If you're developing on such a service it's a good idea to create a mailing list or newsgroup where people can contribute without having to sign up for a specific platform.

Microsoft says it was a human error, most likely from one of the Bing developers who are, according to Reuters, located in China. It will without doubt stay censored in China, because that's the premise of doing business there. Bing image search don't work without JS (and Ecosia has put up some sort of JS wall around their site), so I couldn't test if it returns results for "tank man".
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