just acquired and , two chat apps that work with a bunch of bridges to popular apps :

* blog.beeper.com/2024/04/09/bee
* automattic.com/2024/04/09/auto

I really hope they open source it.
Since they are going for a fee-for-service model like Wordpress, I'm optimistic. This is key for breaking the network effects that companies rely on: .

@paoloredaelli yeah, I'm sure they're using the existing libraries from @element. The real question is: will they open up their app and get it on !

So the application is **not** #freeasinfreedm 😭
#AutoMattic has shown encomiable commitment to freedom. I hope they will be able to free the client.

@paoloredaelli @element @eighthave

didn't they sell WordPress data to Ai data learning? microsoft? google? amazon? they sold wp users data down the river. are they to be trusted still?

#freeasinfreedm #AutoMattic

I'm not saying that they are saints 😅
Software #licensing is one aspect, how they manage user data of services that people do not pay is another. One is positive, the other not as you correctly state but other companies behave much worse, think of #Gafam
If you want to avoid seeing your data being sold you have to avoid zero price services, where you're actually the product
@eighthave @element

The double meaning of English word "free", one related to freedom, the other meaning gratis or price zero always puzzles me, being Italian, as like in other Latin derived languages we have two words: libero and gratis.
Do you think that starting using "gratis" in English is understandable?

PS: resharing is appreciated

@eighthave @element


@paoloredaelli @sammi @element "gratis" is clear to many English speakers since they also speak other languages, like EU standard English. For the majority of mother tongue English speakers, my guess is "gratis" would be weird but somehow understandable. There would be many who had never heard the word. "Gratuity" is probably the closest word in English, but has a different meaning.

(For context, my mother tongue is English, father tongue German, and I speak a bit of some other languages.)

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