@f15h ‭XIII.‬ ‭Art. 6(3)‬ ‭B.1‬ ‭23.‬‭ ...Google‬‭ Android‬‭ allows‬‭ users‬‭ to‬‭ uninstall‬‭ apps‬‭ by:‬ ‭(i)‬‭ fully‬‭ deleting‬‭ apps‬‭ that‬‭ are‬‭ downloaded‬‭ or‬‭ pre-installed‬‭ in‬‭ a‬‭ Google‬‭ Android‬‭ device's‬‭ user‬ ‭partition;‬‭ and‬‭ (ii)‬‭ disabling‬‭ apps ‬‭in ‬‭a ‬‭Google‬‭ Android‬‭ device's ‬‭system‬‭ partition‬‭ such‬‭ that‬‭ they‬ ‭are returned into an uninstalled state.‬‭

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