said it has no involvement of OEM's including app stores by default. To ship an device, it has to comply with secret NDA'd "GMS Compliance", which requires OEMs to justify to Google pre-installed app store needs to access the same APIs that Play uses to install and uninstall apps. Somehow, I don't think Google will stop requiring OEMs be granted permission by Google to include the app stores of their choosing.

@eighthave Isn't that a violation of the new EU legislation and therefore void?

@taketwo I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know if it violates the DMA. But I can say that the facts are pretty clear and they do not support Google's claim made at the DMA compliance workship. Google requires OEM pass "GMS Compliance" aka "GTS" which reviews all apps the OEM includes by default, e.g. an app store.

Looks like the EU has to step up their game to enforce it as seen with Apple trying to protect as much of the old system as they can.
Unlike us citizens they can peak behind the veil of nda agreements for vendors.

@eighthave Did the secret NDA part of the certification process leak somewhere? I wouldn't know about its content 🤪

@taketwo I would love to see a leak of the GMS certification process, GMS Test Suite (GTS) and related policies. Some of the things that it covers can be gleaned from the websites of companies that provide GMS certification as a service, for example

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