desparately wants to limit the scope of the as much as possible, and wants the European Commission that is not part of the operating system, even though users cannot uninstall it. Google is even working to change the definition of "uninstall" so that it means the same as what currently calls "disabling". Even Google Play itself will entirely delete the app when users click "uninstall" except of course for the stuff where Google prevents uninstallation.

says is not part of the OS but then do not allow users to actually uninstall it. At the same time, they say that they won't let people download it and install it on other AOSP-based systems like Amazon Fire. We know this kind of thing works since people are downloading Play Services from places like APKMirror.

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So maybe is a special case here, maybe not. But all of the apps that requires to be in the bundle do not require special privileges, so can easily be built into Android devices in a way where they are easily uninstallable, e.g. disabled and deleted. I'm thinking Maps, Gmail, etc.

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@eighthave Can't wait for Google to play the punctilious card... "sorry to interrupt your trust-busting, but Android isn't an OS in itself and what you've been calling Android is actually Linux+AOSP+Google, so clearly you should leave Google alone and only pester those pesky Linux+AOSP guys, whoever they are".

@LeoBistmans interesting to hear, do you get any feedback or errors?

@eighthave nothing.just disappears. There is a local Belgian must have pay app #Payconiq that depends on it so it is a mayor functionality lack on #Huawei

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