Its cool to see more and more apps using . It used to be so many apps just used for maps and then just failed on devices. For example, I just downloaded a city's bike sharing app made by a mega corp, and it uses MabLibre so works fine without Play Services. My experience used to be that all the navigation apps required Google.

@jnthnkl Sapio looks great! I guess it should serve as a replacement for Is there a public API available for this data? It would be quite useful. For example, an fdroid-compatible repo could use it when reviewing new apps for inclusion. In that case, the data should also include the Version Code in addition to the Application ID.

@eighthave There is a public API but it is not documented yet.

For now, it's only the RetrofitClient file:

I'll document it properly in a very near future!

@eighthave @guardianproject

#MabLibre #Google #GoogleFree

#OpenStreetMap does not need google spyware.

#android apps like #OsmAnd+, #OrganicMaps does not need google spyware.

google free map services / apps can be found on

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