One thing that most impressed me about the culture of Brooklyn was how after the September 11th attacks, mainstream culture rallied to protect its Arab and Muslim communities because we knew they would be unfairly targeted

Sadly, what I see now in Europe is the mainstream adopting the bigoted views of people like Netanyahu, Ben-Gvir, Likud, Shas, etc. and coding it nice sounding language. The should protect and respect all of its citizens and residents equally.

@eighthave In the #EU many in the Muslim communities were celebrating the terrorist attack by Hamas, and most Muslim organizations are yet to denounce Hamas' attack.

@pmroman Are you saying that Muslims citizens of the should be held to a different standard?


"Many" and "most" need to be backed up because that's highly subjective.

Some in the Jewish community in the #EU are celebrating the current genocide by Israel and are yet to denounce it. Does that mean we hold the entire Jewish community co-responsible, and that it is OK to hate them all as if they were one single group ? Absolutely not.

Please stop spreading islamophobia. You know you are doing it, you know you are being hateful, and no one wants that. This conflict is not about religions or ethnicities as the far right is massively talking. It's a colonizer State doing colonization with the support of ex-colonizer States with civilian killings on both sides.

Don't make it a Civilisation War, it's not.


@rakoo @eighthave We disagree, but unlike you, I won't qualify you personally. See a problem is folks can no longer disagree without insulting and judging others, your words speak more about you than about me.

I have no problem qualifying you of bringing ethnicity-based hate into a situation that has nothing to do with who we are and where we live or where we are born, and that it is ok to create hierarchies between people. That is a xenophobic, racist message and borderline illegal, so I have no shame pointing my finger at you

@pmroman @eighthave
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