We need to build a tolerant, anti-racist debate about , otherwise we abandon those who have experienced problems with immigration. Their only recourse is then to go to the racist politicians since they are talking about reducing immigration. There are lots of legitimate concerns about immigration, especially when the incoming streams are large or when areas newly gain a large portion of immigrants. 1/

I grew up the child of an immigrant and emigrated myself, so clearly I'm not anti-immigration. When incoming streams are too large, that will drive housing prices up and wages down, that's the basic economics of supply and demand. But there are also advantages, like letting refugees flee war zones.

Also, for many people it is quite stressful when their neighborhood changes from single language to majority other language. This had happened in neighborhoods in less than 20 years. 2/

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Another problem that often goes ignored is how less attractive countries can keep the people that they have paid to educate. I know this first hand because my father was a doctor who was educated by the social system of including an annual stipend that he lived off of, then he left for once he finished his studies. Austria paid to educate a doctor but got little in return. This dynamic is common around the world, medical pros from poorer countries emigrate to richer ones. 3/3

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