Too often media about "" projects really promote some niche solutions but portray them as important pieces to solve the crisis. For example: data center waste water for lobster farms. Cool that it works. But Lobster is an expensive luxury food. This seems like the perfect product for those who don't want to feel guilty about owning a or flying to distant eco-resorts. We need more about eating lentils and avoiding silly digital services.

@eighthave I'm interested in wind energy, and a few years back every 3 months there was this small business owner who had 'reinvented' a new quiet small or nicely looking wind turbine. If you checked what this thing produced and compared it with 'real' wind turbines, you got this spreadsheet...

@bartvdpoel Do you have a graph of energy expended producing the wind turbines versus their lifetime output? My guess is that the large ones are much more efficient in that regard, but I'd love to see data on that. I think the graphs look quite similar with solar.

@eighthave The small ones are not taken seriously as a solution. So I guess no one has done the math. A modern wind turbine is between 6g and 12g CO2/kWh. (gas is 400g, coal 1000g).

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