When discussing alternatives for , I heard: "I tried X a couple times but it didn't give me the results I wanted but Google did, so I stay there". I use multiple search engines and see each one's strengths and weaknesses. This made me realize there is a kind of bias: using one service provides simplicity. When using one, we don't know when that it is providing worse results than alternatives. Then people get the impression "the alternative sucks, I'll stick with the good one" 1/


A strong example of this comes from navigating with apps in Austria. Apps like and others that use data have much better information on footpaths, bike lanes, and minor roads than does. So often my preferred route is entirely absent in Google Maps. On the other hand, Google Maps sometimes has more information on shops, offices, restaurants, etc. Other apps have much better transit information. Yet many stay in the Google bubble because of this bias 2/

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