I'm often surprised to hear that many people believe that was this new radical idea in software development that came about in the 80s. That is actually backwards. Open Source was the default way software was developed before the 80s, and development changed that. The movement was a direct response to software going . It put front and center as the reason why should be free and open.

@eighthave But this is, how neoliberal ideologists often work: Faking history, laying and betraying. Not that I fight against using markets, but misusage is something we have to fight.


@ralph Yeah, markets are a tool, not a way of life or a moral code. The economists got that part really wrong, believing that murderous dictators who deregulate are bringing .

@eighthave I think you are wrong. This is only something, conservatives try to make us believe. A market is not more then a way organizing the coordination of people with different interests in a way, each one can become happy his way not hindering anyone becoming happy another way.
So it is in no way connected to maximizing the earnings of companies. Further more: all serious theoreticians made sure, ethics have to formulate the goals and boundary conditions of markets. Beginning with Smith.

@ralph yes, markets are a way of organizing coordination. There are other ways to do that also. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. The problem lies with the belief that markets are somehow the perfect way of organizing coordination, better than the others in all ways. This is what I'm talking about when referencing the Austrian school.

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