What is actually good at? Going thru their key products, it is clear they don't create new paradigms, they make often buggy implementations of ideas from other people: . One thing they are clearly good is building a . So it seems what they are good at is seeing good ideas, "embrace and extend" to control it, then building monopoly profiteering.


Now given that this strategy was conceived and driven by , I see no way he can be trusted to do anything but the same in any of his endeavors. That is his clear track record over decades. His "charity" work is also driven my mentality, and often directly tied to his investments. Like he's investing in and giving "charity" money to promote it as a solution to .

@eighthave You're saying his foundation is a tax avoidance scheme that allows him to buy advantage for himself?

@punklawyer I wouldn't say that. I think his foundation has given money to some things that are actually good and useful, like the vaccination campaigns. But at the same time, he's using it as a way to promote things he's invested in. Lots of wealthy people operate this way. His foundation does still operate with monopoly mentality, e.g. their way to run vaccination is the "right way", and the only way which they will fund. Like they work against patent-free vaccines:

@eighthave I hope we can follow each other at my other account. I'll message you from there. in about a minute

@indyradio I don't have DMs in Mastodon, I choose this instance because it does not have them. Email and Matrix are good.

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