Just uploaded v3.4.0 to . It is an easy way to get started with analyzing APK files to see what is in them.

@cryptax if you post a droidlysis v3.4.1 ASAP, I can probably get it into the upcoming Debian/bookworm release. Also, I found a bug when using newer libmagic:

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@eighthave having gone to school for biology, I instantly thought #droidlysis meant exploding droid, as in popping a cell - lysis 🤣

@eighthave ok I'm going to look into that. Anyway, DroidLysis needs a new release.
If I have time, I'd even perhaps submit a talk around it at @passthesaltcon ...

@eighthave hi! I've just released a v3.4.1 + merged your request + removed dependency with androguard. Looks OK, but do tell me if you find any issue. Thx!

@cryptax v3.4.1 has passed all the tests, in less than 10 days, it should be part of Debian/bookworm

FYI, I patched back in the support since androguard is part of and easy to support there. I work with massive collections of APKs, so I appreciate having androguard support there to parse those few APKs that the others cannot.

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